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Tsukurimashou [entries|friends|calendar]

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[12|44 26.06.09]
New phone number:
(619) 928-2374

Please call or send a text with your name so I can re-add you...
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[00|13 25.06.09]
Not sure if I want to go through all the hoops to get my BS degree. Sure it'll be nice and shiny but the whole "Information Systems" moniker it'll have won't carry the same weight as "Computer Science" or similar.

5 weeks to decide...
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Friend Nuke [11|12 11.06.09]
Nuked Friends
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entering social cycle [22|52 22.01.09]
i hate you all now let's hang out and have fun~
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so, another year. [21|14 28.12.08]
so when do the existential quandaries of who you are and what you're supposed to be in life stop?

or is that why the drinking age is always around 20?
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Goddamnit [15|56 05.12.08]
What the fuck QC, what the fuck?
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Hm. [23|08 27.10.08]
Why can't I be this industrious *all* the time?

[21|01 20.10.08]

Im Postin' from mah iTouch :V

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Busy Weekend Revue [23|41 14.09.08]
This weekend was relaxing, but still busy. I don't know how that works but it's true!

Woke up with Jamie
Played TF2 for most the day
Dedicated myself to work on my website, stayed up until 4 doing so

Woke up late, felt good to sleep in.
Went to my parents place for a bit and talked with Mom
Goddamn CHARGERS >:(
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[21|54 08.09.08]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I will no longer be paying for services that require a phone call to cancel.

good bye x-box live et. al.

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Must get... [08|51 19.08.08]
Deadpool #1 - September 10, 2008
Deadpool #2 - September 24, 2008
Deadpool #3 - October 08, 2008
Deadpool #4 - October 29, 2008

[09|03 27.06.08]
day off!.!!.!
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[19|43 19.05.08]
 O__  \O/   \O     O|
||     |     ||   /|
 |     |     |     |
/ \   / \   / \   / \
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People Who Should Suddenly Vanish [08|49 30.04.08]
1( Developers who promise Section 508 Compliance without understanding what that entails

2( People who reply with answers to your question *inside* your quoted email to them

3( Customers who don't understand what "24-48 hours" mean
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woo [02|42 08.03.08]
Finally punched through tier 8 on expert in rock band, and then completed Highway Star =)

Something about the GH III controller makes it better for playing, i think it's the tactile feedback combined with the audible click of the strum-bar. Or something.

360 [01|33 02.03.08]
just got an xbox 360, add omiiko to your friends list!

[20|04 18.02.08]
Taxes are filed, going to get a nice sized refund.

Also, new user icon courtesy of VG Cats.

All Aboard the S.S. Failboat [21|48 10.02.08]
I'll leave it to cryptodragon and keskitsune to provide pictures, where available:

01. Can't find where to get a specific (hard to find!) light bulb - we find one place that might have it.. but it's a "warehouse" with only a shipping address. Doesn't have any hours posted online.
02. Call another light place that says to go to the warehouse
03. Drive to the warehouse to get the light-bulb, but they aren't open on Sunday.
04. Move on to the next task - getting Teflon tape
05. Go to Lowe's, pick up the tape, and promptly remember that we forgot the Lowe's gift card.
06. Pick up the tape anyway...
07. Decide to go Wii hunting
08. text-Google search for "GameSpot"
09. When that fails to bring up any results, search "EB Games"
10. Notice on the way that we should've searched "GameStop"
11. Search again, but keep going because... no reason to stop!
12. While at a stop light, note that a bar has a "Guitar Hero Tournament INSIDE", written on poster-board with a sharpie and held up with duct-tape
13. Arrive at GameStop, no Wii to be had.
14. Note that there is a sign for a Panw Shop - Open 9 Days a Week!
15. Drive to another GameStop, only to fail again at procuring a Wii
16. Decide to check out the he camera store next door
17. Are denied when they aren't open, and there's a bike lock on the door. A BIKE LOCK.
18. Decide to cut our losses and go eat
19. Discover Pho King on our journey towards home, decide to eat elsewhere
20. See a gas station offering Unleaded, Super, Premium, Ethanol, Diesel, and Bio-Diesel
21. After a U-turn to take a picture of the aforementioned gas station, drive through a police standoff/search
22. Finally get to having food
23. Lunch waiter with a Triforce Belt. With the Legend of Zelda eagle and everything.
24. Arrive home, failed out
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lolpost [20|14 07.02.08]
The effectiveness of a company Happy Hour as a uplifting morale booster is significantly reduced when you're under 21 :(
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[21|45 27.01.08]
how easily a mood and outlook can change, just from playing a song
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